List of Gallantry / Campaign Medals & Awards

D.S.O. ...  Middle East .... 20/2/42  Rank   Lieutenant
1st Bar -   Sicily .... 21/10/43   Rank  
Captain / Temp Major
2nd Bar -  Normandy .... 29/3/45   Rank  
Major / Temp Lt. Colonel
3rd Bar -   North West Europe .... 11/10/45   Rank  
Lt Colonel

1939 - 45 Star.

Africa Star with 8th Army Bar

Italy Star

France & Germany Star

Defence Medal

War Medal with MID Oak Leaf

Mentioned in Dispatches

Operation Exporter June/July 1941, Litani River 11 (Scottish Commando)

Legion D'Honneur

Croix De Guerre with Palm






       The Blair Mayne Association

Each one of his four citations reached the same conclusions when they described Mayne's qualities of superb, fine and brilliant leadership. They also mentioned his outstanding gallantry and great courage. The D.S.O. ranks just slightly lower in stature than the Victoria Cross and to gain that prestigious award while holding the junior rank of Lieutenant made it an even more significant achievement. Only seven other men were to be awarded three bars to the D.S.O. The French people and their Government knew his worth and held Blair Mayne in very high esteem for his gallant and fearless conduct in helping to free their country from the Germans. They honoured him with the award of The Legion D'Honneur & Croix De Guerre on 5th March 1946 for his services.  Those two great honours made him one of the most highly decorated Allied soldiers at the end of World War Two.

More than sixty years on since the ending of World War Two a very large number of men and women, including 100 Members of Parliment, from all sides of the house, still feel very strongly that despite all of his hard fought battles, undoubted bravery, outstanding leadership and incredible war time achievements he was wrongly, and indeed shamefully, treated by the military and political establishment of the day. Although, in fact, it is highly possible that he had already earned his country's highest bravery award on many previous occasions. These people are of the firm belief that Lt. Col. Robert Blair Mayne should not have had his citation downgraded but instead he should been granted the award that he was originally cited for after his heroic and selfless deeds during the action near Oldenburg.

The Victoria Cross.

  Brig. Mike Calvert - Commander SAS Troops

                     Maj.Gen C. Vokes - GOC 4th Canadian Armoured Division

              Lt.Gen G. Simonds - Commander 2nd Canadian Corp

       Surely these three senior officers were not wrong to sign the citation ?



If you feel that the downgrading of the original citation was a travisty of justice then please contact your own MP, MLA or MSP. The Times, The Daily Mirror and The Belfast Telegraph newspapers have all recently carried articles regarding the failure of the military to stand by the original citation and the growing campaign to have the decision overturned.

The MP for Strangford, Mr James Shannon, has once again highlighted the campaign by asking a question in The House of Commons.

The letters VC have clearly been crossed out.

Not just one day a year

Please read the letter shown above and come to your own conclusions.

Did the Citation even reach the correct desk,

or was the decision not to award the Victoria Cross made by

someone who did not have the authority over something regarding such.....


This letter shows the high regard that Bob Laycock had for Paddy Mayne and also his feelings about the change that deprived Mayne of the VC so rightly earned.


R.B.Mayne pictured wearing the uniform of  No11(Scottish) Commando


R.B.Mayne pictured wearing the uniform of The Royal Ulster Rifles



                                                         Among the officers of the fifth

Though all of them were grand

There is one of them especially

To whom we raise our hand

We really don't care where we go

By car or sea or train

If they let us keep our rugby star

The six foot R. B. Mayne

For three long months though dear to us

We boasted of his fame

Now he has got to leave us

I think it is a shame

Our hearts are full of sadness

For we learned to call him friend

And all the hectic times we had

Are coming to an end

At first we hated him like hell

For he would not let us rest

He yelled and roared and barked at us

With most amazing zest

But his methods were correct

He soon got us in hand

And he made the 5th Light Battery

The smartest in the land

But here we are in England

Fretting out our soul

We'd rather be in Ulster

Than this God forsaken hole

A poem written by Gnr J Mawhinney

A member of the 5th Light


"We are the Pilgrims"

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This photograph which hang proudly in The Masonic Hall, Regent Street Newtownards was taken at Mount Pleasant by Bob Bennet,

one of the "Orignials"


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